One mind many shades, or rather busting thought bubbles..all of time! That's pretty much me - Gunjan - the founder of OnlyOdds Blog and Odds product line!

I have a passion for all things storytelling. I enjoy telling travel stories through a combination of my writing, photography and experiences. UnLike most Indians, I got a job immediately after university and started working as a Business Development Manager and trying to climb the usual corporate ladder like everyone else.. You would think that the work would be easy but on the contrary, it was extremely demanding and stressful due to the nature of my position. That continued for 3 years until I eventually burned out and swore to never set foot in the corporate world again.

Fast forward to today, I am now a travel blogger running this blog while continuing to pursue my passion for storytelling by reporting my travel experiences.
I am just another girl who believed enough in her dreams to make them happen. That’s really all it takes! This blog surely conveys that "No matter if you are still studying or, like me, in your thirties, forties, sixties or over. Do what you really want. It’s not always easy. All I know, it could be a tryst with destiny. A worthwhile life is one that you must enjoy to the fullest!

To travel, is like part- memorious, part-self help and part musing however, this is my - personal credence. Capering to an entirely different culture in a matter of hours work like ants in my pants. 
Due to this, I was able to find a travel-style, that is my own and allowed me to find a unique voice in this travel blog industry. 

Up until now, has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, slept in over a hundred of stays, encountered the weirdest savors, made lifelong friends, endeavored to draw energy from multiple cultures, and, most importantly, made it my mission to make travel more humane! 
Let's realise travel is not about the best places to visit or tourist spots for namesake! Travel is the ability to discover and appreciate littlest details, the distinctiveness of a nerve centre, undeniably a privilege & the spontaneity for sure!

TRAVEL, causes a stir, it creates an atmosphere of great interest in my heart. Being able to travel and to do something we love - truly is a gift. We should value each trip, as something we are lucky to have, rather than something we deserve

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