At Home Retreat

What does Retreat mean?

Retreat Means -   A place you can go to be alone, to get away from it all. A spot under a shady tree might be your favourite retreat from the sun, or your bedroom in isolation may serve as Retreat from day to day loony life. RETREAT should be a priority in our over-worked, over-stressed, and over-booked schedules.

DIY Retreat At Home Ideas

Due to Covid-19 there are a lot of changes to our daily lives as our movements are restricted, faced with new realities of working from home, home-schooling of children, and lack of physical contact with other family members, friends and colleagues, it is important that we look after our mental, as well as our physical, health. These hard times of Pandemic is no near to solace or mental peace. Alleviation of discomfort and stress can only be done by giving yourself a treat by a Retreat.
Are you simply exhausted? Do you need Vitamin "Me"? All work no rest make you dull? Do you need a whole day alone? Do you feel alone in home-life responsibilities? We all know that if you don’t have the time for self-care and relaxation, then you are the prime candidate for a retreat.
Let’s take a look at an alternative: An all-inclusive, At-Home Retreat.

Wellness at home ideas

Reserve It!

Go through your schedule, settle upon a day and red mark it. This will be your exclusive date with yourself. Make well-suited arrangements, like checking your scheduler for plans if any then shift them to some other day, or if you have decided a weekend for the same do barter kids with your partner for your retreat. Do tell your significant other to make plans without you. Relaxing is the birth right of every living being, do not feel guilty over it. The motive behind is to tranquilise and collect oneself then, why not to ease off and hang loose.

Shape Up your Space!

De-litter the space. Make yourself comfortable by all means. Like wear your Pyjamas or any attire which is your idea of comfortable clothes. Lit up your mood with some essence candles.
Essential oils are known for their calming properties. Lavender considered best among those, however I found sweet orange oil equally good. I call it my happy oil. It unwinds me. Just have to put in your diffuser and consider yourself halfway done! Dress your bed with your favourites after all it is your Retreat Day. Play your music, whichever type makes you breathe easy, can feed in your pen drive and leave the task on your music player. I go for old 60s and 70s melodies on my Caravan. Feel it in and out!

Digital Detox!

This time is for detox from Bad Tech Habits too. In the age of social media where comparison is constant doesn’t yield any sense of peace. Our devices distract us from the present moment. It is important to know, technology is to ease things down, not to lessen the degree we interact face to face. Schedule unplugging from your devices for detox. This can be done on daily basis too. Like slate some 60 - 120 min a day without any screen, just you and your family or your hobbies like art or try gardening, go for a walk be close to nature this certainly helps to create balance.
Shut off or silence your phone, let your laptop and TV sleep for an hour or so.  Do not let this social media Warp engulf you. You come on board for one notification and then get in this scrolling down business. Time eater it is. Let us get back to the basics.

Practice Yoga and Meditation!

Try not to restrict this practice for this single day. Can make it a regular custom. It energises you, gets the blood flowing, help calm your mind. Create your own YOGA way, after all it is your feel-good moment. Meditate…deep breath, sit calm, close your eyes go inwards. This inward stillness is so relaxing, soothing and grounding – a perfect blend for at home Spa Day.


Be Mindful!

Do not do not multi-task. Channelizing energy to one task at a time will reduce the pace and charter mindfulness. We live in a fast-paced society we need not to be in hurry all the time. Being steady and focusing on the task in hand is the best way to be connected with the present moment. Plus, the time spent actually experiencing the moment will keep you much more grounded and present, and thereby better able to soak it all in. Least we can do for our body and mind- enjoy the experience.

Hydration is the key!

Yes, staying hydrated is important for health. Therefore, it's often recommended that you drink eight glasses of water per day. The benefits of drinking water are endless. It flushes off the toxins and cleanse the Junk accumulating from endless time in our body. There is a new term now a days- “Tea-tox” there are variants of tea which have high anti-oxidants thus have soothing impact. Do not embark on a tea-tox without the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist.
 I am not a tea person so I recommend DetoxWater. Making detox water at home is very simple. All you need is water and a selection of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Here are some popular detox water recipe combinations:

Cucumber and mint.
Lemon and ginger.
Blackberry and orange.
Watermelon and mint.
Orange and lemon.
Lemon and lime.
Strawberry and basil.
Apple and cinnamon.

Simply chop up your ingredients and add them to hot or cold water, depending on your preference. The more of an ingredient you use, the stronger the flavour will become.
If you're making a cold drink, you can leave the detox water in the fridge for 1–12 hours to allow the flavours to infuse more deeply. Be sure to remove the ingredients after this time though, so they don't begin to decompose. Following this you will leave lighter and cleaner after your retreat.

Hair Day!

Retreat could not be complete without a hair care. Before initiating your retreat ritual, do give your hair a good oil massage. Wash your hair with no chemical shampoo. Apply a hair mask readily available in market or on online portals. There are many sulphate and paraben free options in market, pick whichever suits your scalp and hair the best. Keep it for 30 – 45 mins covered with hot towel. Wash it off with normal water and let them rest.

Exfoliate for the Glow!

Use this DIY body scrub for exfoliation. You likely have all the ingredients in your kitchen. This is one of my favorites I call it -

Café Latte Scrub - Coffee Scrub

What you’ll need:
¼ cup coffee grounds
½ cup brown sugar
1-2 tsp. milk or buttermilk
1 tsp. honey

Again, it is a body scrub. I do not use it for my face because of my extremely sensitive skin. Wet the body massage this scrub with mild pressure and wash off with Luke warm water for radiant soft skin.

Take an Essential Bath!

Put some drops of your essentialoil whichever you use and suits you the best, with some bath salts in water and take a relaxing bath. There is nothing better than this.

Do the Hobby Thing!

Whatever you like, whatever you have not done because of your no time to relax life routine, Do It Right Away.
Sense it, feel it, enjoy it. Be it reading, or singing, writing, drawing, or cooking just do it. Be creative with it. I know cooking is something that we do everyday how to find bliss in it. Previously when you were planning for this day find a different healthy recipe, replicate it. It will be fun. One just need to plan this day properly thereafter just sit back, let oneself go!

Wellness Retreat Activities

Adore your At - Home Wellness Retreat!

We all lead busy lives. But taking care of ourselves should always remain a top priority. Self Pampering is good for Health!
While we can’t always make time for that dream retreat, we can easily carve out a day to give ourselves that we deserve. Have fun creating an at-home retreat that is perfect for y.o.u.! & your pocket. You’re worth it!

Shopping Cart Ideas -

Just finished your at-home retreat? Have more ideas to add to the list? Share your at-home retreat experiences in the comments below!

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  1. Amazing post...worth practicing all... Time to start with first De Litter all , from house as well as from brain...and start fresh...

    Thanks for wonderful food for mind..

    xx itravelpink xx

    1. True!..we must feel good it is the basic need of this time!

  2. This is so a fab post! So much information, a lovely read!

    Amber - The Unpredicted page

  3. This is a great idea, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts :)

  4. I love the idea of detox waters! These are so refreshing. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Could not agree more! In summers I try to detox with these super simple and no undesirable effect simple waters..with amazing results! :)

  6. I could not agree more!! Specially Yoga! It is very important for a healthy Lifestyle!! 🙏

  7. This is such a great post eith so many great ideas!!! Hydration really helps our body both inside and out, and I love a good coffee scrub! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. I too love these DIY scrubs, first of all they are made by you as per your need..and secondly you know the ingredients comparatively safer! Keep in touch ..

  8. Detoxification and yoga is so much important in this pandemic, loved it. Thanks for sharing.