TRUMP | A Choice!

Trump is super-power.

Trump is a suit chosen in playing cards to rank above the others. Similarly in relations, we all have our trump- a set of chosen relations to outrank others.

Every single human being has their own definition of their trump

Each time watching mills&boons categorical movies and thinking of a partner next door, and landing up in a flawed relationship is nothing new for any teenager. Anyone on earth can end up in an unhappy relationship of any sort. Or I should say, age is just a number, this landing can happen at any point in time.

This a powerful choice, after all god, has provided us a set of innate relations where we have no right to choose. So are these trump? "NO".

There are relationships for a reason, a season, and a lifetime. If you deeply and truly know that you’ve done your work in this relationship and it fits into the “reason” or “season” category of relationship bracket, it may be time to leave.

Trump belongs to the lifetime epitome. And with such a lifetime bond, one must move beyond mere thoughts and intentions to let it thrive. 

Love that plunges deep in your heart to leave a mark of memory is the TRUMP

OnlyOdds - Trump a Choice

Relations can be extremely rewarding, to be loved and to be connected is a beautiful feeling. However, love is just a part of the whole. One has to constantly work for it with all your mind, heart and soul.

Invest time in love, free yourselves from a schedule and cover up the clocks for an evening. Make fun and unusual plans to spend time together. The motive behind is to express what you feel. Consider just how much we withhold letting each other know how we truly adore them. 

Every day is a special occasion, and an opportunity to appreciate the gift of living with love in your life. You will be amazed at the love you will receive back.

Whatever you decide, it’s a choice–your choice as there are no real hard and fast rules – we may make a choice to do things differently in our relationships with our Trump.