Life As We Know It

Life As We Know It

Trip to life, not an easy trek....highly elevated, rough wave rafting, a sudden back push for a bungee, a never ending zip lining and many more to name, for the sake.

Life is an unexpected chemical reaction where a lot of loan pair electrons can yield you nothing or may leave you for valence.

It seems, no safe, at this COVID-19 time but its nor an assumption neither a universal truth that present is the only time we know about.

OnlyOdds - Life as we know it. Life is an adventure
Life in itself is an Adventure

With extended weekends some had plans to lay down or get laid or rest of the janta might be planning their outings. Be it a mere shopping experience, ending over a dinner in pubs or over-thrilling dhabas or may be only dabbas.

Searching and exploring are never two faces of a coin.They are way apart. An incalculable, with only odds to meet, will leave with dubious validity and will certainly lead to an undefined way.

Consume the day as much as you can, as life, in itself is an adventure. 

Live the life as we know it. :)