Life – the Bouquet of Moments.
Each morning marks the incipience of new stories entangled with new events and moments. There are a lot of moments which are lived in one day.
We keep cherishing and living with the memories of these moments.

One other way to live with these beaded trinkets in a string is made available to us long back. It’s in the form of a scientific invention. Yes it’s a “Camera”.

Late in 1685, first camera was designed and the first photograph was clicked in the year 1814. Since then the humanity is exclusively and extensively making use of this invention.

Nikon D5200

The role of this beautiful memory weaving gadget starts much before the start of one’s existence.
Wondering How?
The ultra-modern era is referring this dawn as - 
Maternity Photoshoot” 
The feeling behind is just divine. It has a lot hidden within, a new life, new roles and responsibilities. Maternity photos are just another way to document a special and exciting time in our lives. It’s fun to “celebrate the hope.”

Moving a few miles ahead, with the birth of a new life, a new occasion unholds itself.
“NewBorn Photoshoot”
Child birth is most overwhelming thing in a couple’s life. Making a notice of child’s tiny little features is just immeasurable. 
Infant photos hold a great significance as time flies and babies grow up so fast. One definite statement, these photos will always bring a smile on your faces & will lend you to start afresh always.

From that first hold of little life, to those first steps and many more, you'll have numerous milestones to look forward to, in the months and years ahead.
And here comes the next pit-stop of our memory recording journey.
BirthDay Photoshoot
Birthday is a day when a person acknowledges the anniversary of his or her incipience. With the changing faces and running time, it’s always good to capture as many of them as possible. With the growing age, keep your digital library ticking and updating.

Birthday Photoshoot

Herewith one heads closer to a special occasion of tying knot and accepting the wedlock.
In an Indian wedding, there are so many rituals, from the Mehndi ceremony to the final chanting of Shlokas, every moment is special and we save these as remembrances in the photographs and videos. But there is one very adorable part of a wedding. Could also be referred as Poster Release.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot
These photo shoots, allow you to purely focus on creating beautiful memories with your loved you’re your soulmate. You are given a chance to properly engage yourself in the experience, naturally translating to stunning informal pictures and developing a bond between each other. As souls never die.

The cycle continues as the life continues… 

The Camera is plunged in all our life happenings…
Life is all about memories and many more memories. Accumulation of memories in form of pictures will take you back to the time it was captured and let you free to wander.


  1. I absolutely adore photographs! I think it is so important to capture all the moments you can x

    1. So true!!.. By means of photos... we can look into those memories which are forever :)

  2. I like doing photography really make me happy.your post is so good❤️❤️❤️. Thanks for sharing.👍