Unlocking Lockdown

A Pause - for Unlocking Lockdown Thought.

How to restore normality? That too when the world has already come to a standstill!
I mean I have known people who have lived through the war, even then when they had nothing, they could still go out and breathe the air. Now we are scared to go out and touch people. This is something I never ever have expected to see in life.

Well nobody does!

Once the storm is over, you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. Not even sure when this is going to be over or whether it will? But one thing is certain. When you come out of this storm, you won't be the same person who walked in. 

Being virtual is the new normal. Or I may say is the new commonplace and allows you to meet, play and have fun with your folks. As the World in quarantine looked around new ways to socialize, after all humans are social animals. What will normal life be like once this Lockdown gets unlock..will we hug our friends again? Will we plan trips more often? Will the habits of self hygiene, be a part of post lockdown life? How will we treat those who commit the crime of coughing and sneezing in public spaces? Though I can see the frustration with other people not following norms of social distancing already. Perhaps we should be prepared for at least an initial period of paranoia. 

Being a nomad, can't see this world the way it was, but, as a matter of fact Corona has done more good than harm. It has carved out a niche for travelers and their way of traveling. HOW? 


We are stuck at home, fantasizing about the joys and freedoms of traveling and reflecting on the privileges we once took for granted. Weeks ticked by, we all have found some or the other ways to be content at one place for a long time. Keeping the nomadic spirit alive and thinking of the excursions that were once staples in the traveling docket. So post lockdown it may be like you will stay longer at one destination and less of hopping here and there. It will be more like stay-cation over a vacation, kind of newfound ability to discover and appreciate smaller details and characteristics of a place we may otherwise have driven past on our way to the next stop. Travel has a different place in my heart, I always wonder how people tick mark the "must sees" and start flocking to renowned sites and popular spots without soaking in the beauty of one particular place and one at a time. 

Connect Travel Reflect on a Beach

How not to Fast Pace

Lockdown has taught us, what it feels to slow down, to take each day as it comes, and to suddenly embrace the refinement.
After acclimatising to our living room and sofa and less varied schedules, we are unlikely to pack our lives and go for an unplanned spontaneous far of vacations, that we once saw as the adrenaline rush and aj kuch toofani karte hain types..
We may wish to travel much close to our city, like a road trip, folded in our cars, and restraining the window panes to not to let that virus come inside our sanitised zone! This approach is not going to be casual, instead it would be more inquiry-driven and will shun the spontaneity for sure. This may result in us planning less trips, putting more meaning into each one. We might think longer and harder about where we’re going, and why. We might learn to value experiences above all else.

Love For Nature

Having our freedoms restricted, our time outside controlled and our reserves of fresh air severely depleted, has triggered a whole new appreciation of nature in us. Perhaps now our travel will become more nature focused and enjoying the natural beauty, enchanting woodland glades, river walks, waves gushing over one another, that sound of silence in the air that can fill one's heart with all the good.

Nature Love

Treasuring Travel More

Capering to an entirely different culture in a matter of hours really is something very special. The ability to travel is, undeniably, a privilege. Many of us have its consistent presence in our lives and incorporated that steady countdown to the next trip into our daily schedules. Be it planning a trip, or dealing with the blues of a trip just got over, being able to travel and to do something we love - truly is a gift. Maybe now we’ll start to value each and every trip, as something we are lucky to have, rather than something we deserve.


Planet Safety

Not sure about this. This is more of an individual perspective to see good, in what Corona did to Earth. Our rampant human consumption has otherwise abandoned other species. Nature has its own healing mechanism and this was a Ctrl Z indeed. 
So may be now travelers can opt for more sustainable options and let the planet breathe.

Physically Distant and Socially close.

Lockdown has perforce brought families into closer contactThis togetherness is likely to continue even when restrictions are uplifted. This phase has made people realise that they can lose their loved ones without cherishing those bonds they share with each other. Fear of getting eloped has made them more intact relationship-wise.. Never has it become more necessary to do this- to give your family time. 


If there's one thing we are good at, it's adapting—and we've all found ways to do so, whether that means pivoting special moments, or making a destination out of our balcony. 
We've found ways to create goodness. We all are in this together! 


  1. Can't agree more...we have slowed down yet for good.This is nature's own way of going on a break and giving us a breather .there are cons but when has human race not beaten them.Challenges are what makes test our calibre and history proves we have aced at it. This too shall pass.. let's face it with a smile :)