Happy Friendship Day!

Happy Friendship Day 2022 

Gunjan Bharadwaj | 07th August 2022

Hello, hey there, what's up, hey bruh, daah....................to..
Hey how have you been, it's been a while, long time no see.............to...tu zinda hai k parlok nikal liya?
A kind love, an unconditional support system, friendship is never out of the league.
Silliest mistakes, careless talks, squeezing money for a friend in need in a judgement free zone, be it late night food hunting or early morning chai ki tapri, at some random hill, I have it all in my list which we have done together. Being with such personalities who may be a reason of your multiple conspiracies ..is a lifetime memory and part of my own story. 

With aging and other commitments you may not be talking everyday, you still feel their pain, you still know whenever you need them they will reach out to you, in worst of your time they are standing tall. Having such life partners is a tempting treat.
The toughest part of this relationship is to keep it alive, people come n go in life but being with ones who were supposed to be your kins in their thick n thins is never easy.

My idea or you can call it a yet not achieved goal of friendship is inspired from 19th century, my grandfather, my dad, they have a certain level in their friendship. Their friends were no less than families. 60's reunion in a school uniform, tea parties of endless chats about kisne kis ko kitne dhoke diye, preparing a meal with very personalized touch for your friend when you are 70 already..... admiring this pure non malign love since my childhood.

Is there an official Friendship Day?

I should confess on this Friendships day that I haven't been this committed, a feeling of deep-seated resentment still exist. Expectation of him/her calling me as I am grieving, expecting him/her to be available as n when I need them, expecting them to be back on their own. To be in this state is no luxury m sure. As we are a part of social media exposed generation wherein people are highly expressive and with sudden NON-EXPECTED cold instances when you are already fancying for a bollywood movie inspired friendship goals, it HURTS! The poor friend on the other side of the world, unknowingly hurt you on the grounds of your non attained desirable attention.
Yes, friends are supposed to be your support system but you need to call out for help, express your wishes and give them their predefined space which they own. 

Happy Friendship!

To keep in touch is in the simplest form of all time now, a phone call - once in a while is enough to let them know you still care for them. Even if you are not swearing on your friendship, not going to holidays together, not partying the whole night,  and yet manages to hold tight, Salute to you.

I have friends who can sense my voice, can make me smile, can hear me crying in a non-judgemental zone, what else I can EXPECT!!. 

Friendship's day is offcourse just another day which is named for some reason, but this blog is definitely my way of expressing love n affection for you all lovelies who stayed this long.  It is not necessary to celebrate friendship day with great pomp and show every time. Friends like you are  precious indeed. Let's continue to share a true bond that we always do!

Celebrating life for all the reasons!!

Cherishing memories!!