I Am Bored

I am Bored

Now this is something apparently perceived through one's chat or call. Almost everybody has a bored countenance visually transmitted through technology aided video calls.
Finally their is a virtual life and has made us more socially distant.

However this is a rarest time one can correlate to, where you feel locked or cinched under the new name - "Lockdown".

Though the concept is not new, but yes, a latest and updated version of curfew for a millennial.

There was a curfew time in late 90s, during Kargil War, when Taj Mahal in Agra was covered by a rob to disguise in camouflage, not done for the first time though, in order to save it from distortion via air bombing, due to no apt GPS technology for surveillance. 
Time and again, city of Taj was under blackout. Not even light can escape through window panes.

OnlyOdds - I am Bored, Pursuit of Happiness

 Yet we were never bored. We always have mom, dad and siblings. I was elated to have grandparents too and yes, friends to lean on. Being from a joint family, was sort of fun. 
To be with your grandparents and attain their undivided attention was another level of happiness. Their never ending tales, keep us lively and glued.
To be linked with linkage at any point of time, be it a curfew was always delightful.

We were the products of earthy analog upbringing. We missed out on nothing and got the best of everything even scolds to criticism. We never got the opportunity to sulk or sob, as parents then, did not have the privilege of accessing any social platform where the parenting tips or the impact of their behavior on kids and so on n so forth in the list of "How to be a good Parent ?" are shared. 
Somehow we managed to learn investing in our relationship banks which turned out real well.

Now when, one have all sort of amenities and gadgets to seek entertainment or comforts and still are bored not gratified.
The very obvious which is missing or has eloped is the pursuit of happiness .

Retrieving discomfort in between all the comforts.


  1. I Couldn't Agree With You More. đź’–đź’–

  2. The time is different, and so are we,
    The passion is different, and so is the grief,

    The air is different, and so is the turnmoil underneath,

    The celebration is different, and so is the longing of the heartbeat,

    The love is different, and so is the enimosity in between,

    The life is different, and so is the meaning umpteen.

  3. The pursuit of happiness..so true which lies somewhere within yet we keep looking outside