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Top Ten Things To Do In Prague As A First Time Visitor

Prague is royal, Prague is rebellious, Prague is vintage, Prague is the most richly endowed city of Europe.

Most of us associate Prague with stunning views that one can adore while walking on the Charles Bridge or the ariel panoramic vista from the castle. However, the capital of the Czech Republic is way more than just beautiful architecture.

Best Places to See in Prague

This city has alot to offer, visiting once would not appease the yearning of exploring more. When it comes to knowing about exciting places to visit in Prague or what to do in Prague, first-time visitors get confused with multiple options available to them. Even when I planned to visit this City I Researched the internet and probed with the locals, which  actually has drain my time and effort, but the places visited... were worth every single penny. 
Being a First timer we are tend to draw towards most touristic places. This list of things will save you from all the distractions.

Places To Visit In Prague

Bear in mind that some of these locations and activities are rather obvious. Some will be crowded with tourists pretty much all year round. However, I am very much of the opinion that some of the best parts of Prague lie off the beaten path. I highly recommend venturing beyond the beautiful center. I am including a handful to add to your list of what to see in Prague. Prague offers the new tourist alot more than first might meet the eye. 

Stroll Across the Charles Bridge

When we think of what to do in Prague, the first thing that comes to mind is a walk on the Charles Bridge and soak the grace that it offers. So, 663-year-old Charles Bridge is a historic bridge that crosses the river Vltava in Prague. It takes 5-7 minutes to cross this bridge without a stop, but I don't think anyone could have done that, as it has stalled for purchases, buskers, and artists painting, it is a pleasant experience. Walking across this bridge is a must to do thing for the visitors, after all who does not want to fall for the view. Despite of the huge crowd, one can manage to stop by and soak all the goodness. Be it night or day this cobbled storied bridge always bustles with touristy crowd. At day time you can enjoy the views, at night you can get high on the musical atmosphere created by various performances with Prague castle shining bright all lit in the background.

Prague Castle

If the Charles Bridge is the teaser of a movie named Prague, then Castle is the Trailer. This is the largest ancient castle of Europe once the home for bohemian monarchs and emperors now is the official residence of the Czech president and a renowned landmark for the city. Set upon a hilly point castle flaunt its architectural beauty by overlooking the river Vltava. Ariel view of Prague city from this place is majestic, the beauty boasts itself loudly from here. If it is your first time you may invest alot of time in the vicinity of castle, though it is unavoidable still one must not dillydally if they have a fixed time itinerary to follow. Give yourself maximum of 3 hours to tour the castle, if you start in the morning you would be able to grab lunch by then at many authentic Czech restaurants around Mala Strana.

Explore Mala Strana

After you are done touring the Castle, exploring the cobbled streets of Mala Strana will add a dash of traditionalism to your Prague trip. Again you are going to run into tourists on the main road so try to peek out on the side streets where you can grab some real inexpensive souvenirs, which will counterbalance the expensive food. This place has many photogenic spots, like Charming pastel buildings, Ornate palaces, Old-world Pubs, you can't resist flaunting it on your Instagram and your folks can enjoy the scenic beauty of the silent enchanting district too.

Old Town Square

As a new Visitor, you tend to invest most of your time with the old side of Prague, and there is no bad.
Old Town Square is the survivor of World War II. For almost thousand of years, Old Town Square has been the main market place and home for Christmas Market. Some of the famous tourist places are also swaddled in its environs, to name some..Astronomical Clock, Old Town Hall, and the Gothic Church Of Our Lady Before Tyn. Before you head for your day do take a look at pastel buildings and admire the gorgeous architecture you will surely feel as if it is a glimpse from a fairyland. Due to high tourist footfall at Old Town Square, restaurants and shops are highly overpriced, so if you are on a budget trip try not to shop from here.

Catch up A Night Walking Tour

Prague is beautiful throughout a day, once the sun dips down its colorful floodlit fountains and magically illuminated buildings will make your heart skip a beat or two. There are multiple Walking tour options available to stroll through the city on foot. Delve in the romantically lit streets, view the beautiful sights of Prague in the night sky. Walking tours are the best way to see off-beaten places away from the touristy attractions and for a different experience altogether, there is no harm in opting for these guided tours one can get to know the city better. 

Night Walking Tours In Prague

Wenceslas Square

Named after the Patron Saint, this square is the business hub, located in the town of new Prague. Has witnessed the country's most influential protests and celebrations. Also home for tons of tourist pubs and restaurants and night clubs. This busiest lively spot of Prague is the best to mirror life in Czech.

Swig A Czech Beer

The Czech Republic has the highest per capita consumption of beer in the world. Czech beer breweries are the Pilsner Urquell, it has been brewed since 1842, as the world's first pilsner. The country has an absolute love affair with Beer, Czech Republic means beer, and why not? They make damn fine brews. Decide upon a view where would you enjoy the swig the most. Vinohradsky Pivovar, or vineyard brewery, is a favorite among Prague’s growing microbrewery scene. I just love the vibe of this place, actually I should not mention it as a place it is an experience, which you will surely discuss among your friends or you may want to create one such space of your own. Vinohradsky Pivovar brews all of their beer fresh on site. Up to five beers are on tap on any given night, and crowd favorites include the 11° light lager, 12° dark lager, and 13° amber lager. Letna is a beer garden which is quite famous among the locals and has the best view of the city. Tucked beneath a leafy canopy of Chestnuts, Letná Beer Garden offers some sweet relief from the summer heat, as well as the perfect watering hole for any night of the week. So if you want to drink a delicious beer while taking in some of the best views in Prague, you really need to visit Letna at least once during your explorations of Prague. You can even stop by in the winter for a quick beer and a few photos. Oh, and by the way, Letna is one of the most beautiful parks in Prague as well, so feel free to kick off your shoes and explore its grassy confines when the weather is nice! Need something more relaxing after a long day? Rest your weary bones at Lokál U Zavadilů in Prague 4 and drink up!

Top 10 places to see in Prague

Hop-On A Tram And Ride

Prague's network of trams is the third-largest in the world followed by Moscow and Budapest. It is one of the oldest in Europe, infact the very first trams were pulled by horses, date back to the year 1879.  When I said the largest I meant the extensive network of 25 daytime routes, 9 night routes, and one historic route. It also stretches over 500 km and transports over 300 million passengers per year.
I recommend do ride a random tram and gaze this beautiful city. Alternatively, if adventuring seems tricky in the foreign land, ride either the historic 91 or 23 Prague trams. These tourist trams take you through some of Prague’s most important landmarks. So if you are a first time visitor make sure to add at least one tram ride to your things to do in Prague list!

Prague's Nightlife

Whether you are on honeymoon or packed solo, Prague nightlife is so diverse that it can accommodate all kinds of visitors. The nightlife in Prague can range from fancy cocktail lounges to thrumming EDM clubs, classy wine bars to grungy basement pubs, and many many things in between. What are YOU looking for? Chances are you will find something that is right up your alley. Though beer is in Vain of Prague however night has a different scene, Prague transforms in something else entirely. Wenceslas Square, featuring many of the city’s hottest night clubs where you can dance until the sun rises. Vinohrady is the more fashionable of the sister neighborhoods. Here, you’ll find bars with a Parisian chic vibe filled with locals and tourists. If you’re looking for a fancy night out but don’t want to spend top crowns, Vinohrady is the spot. Vzorkovna is an underground hangout for hipsters, artists, and travelers. On top of being one of the best bars in Prague, it's also the coolest. With its grungy atmosphere, pallet bunk bed seating, and dark maze-like interior, the place feels more like a doomsday shelter than a club. There’s even a room with swings chained to the ceiling. Cross Club is a magnet for all types of music genres, especially EDM and Dubstep. If you’re not feeling what the DJ is spinning in one room, you can always wander upstairs or downstairs to explore other options. No matter where you are in the club’s labyrinth-like space, the vibrations coming off the sound systems will manage to pull you back onto the dance floor. Located in Wenceslas Square, Lucerna is an underground club and live music venue. During the week, it hosts popular musical artists from both the Czech Republic and around the world. The artist genres range from electronic to indie and rock music. On the weekends, it transforms into a nightclub. Head over there on a Friday or Saturday night and you can dance the night away to iconic hits from the 80s and 90s. These are a few to name, there are thousands of options available to add to this list.

Prague Tourist Guide For First Time Visitors

Incredible Views Of Prague

For more incredible views in Prague go outside of Letna Park and head to Petrin Hill. If it is a good sunny day take a trip to Riegrovy Sady to catch the view, where the sun dips deep down in the mesmerising beauty of this city.

So If you like to travel, Prague should be on your wanderlust list. There you have it, Folks, a list of places in Prague for the first-timers. Even if you are planning for a short trip this can be a guide of Prague. Are you ready to experience Prague as locals do? These tips will get you the insider scoop on holidaying like locals.  


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