Before lockdown am sure, many might have wished - every day should be a Saturday. Unfortunately or fortunately, this whole lockdown thing has approved many pending requests of life being a weekend. Earlier the thought of Saturdays and Sundays, keep us going during the work-week, they inspire us to have positive thoughts and do good things. 

We used to compile a comprehensive list of what to do on a Saturday night or plan of action for weekends no matter what mood we were in. Whether you want to hibernate or hit the dance floor or some pending treats, yoga or recreational plans, so on n so forth, totally depends on your mood and options available. Ahh...feeling Nostalgic!!

OnlyOdds- SaturdayThoughts

The situation of pressures and challenges caused by the ongoing crisis may leave many of us fog headed. It has not just impacted the physical health of millions but also wreaked the mental well-being of people around the world. Anxiety, helplessness and grief are rising due to feeling of uncertain future — and nearly nobody is untouched by loss.
But an act of good is involved too. Keeping the spirits up ..yes! It's true! Ok, so we cannot control of what's happening. We are unwillingly stuck indoors for some time, and there's nothing we can alter in it. Our lives have changed dramatically, but what we can control is ourselves and the way we adapt.
Once we're here in this situation we are unknowingly adding three elements, " cope, recover and learn". We have found a slower, minimalistic approach towards life, and this has made us realise what is not important. A whole new perspective is added, to flavor this lifestyle. 

"Let us not waste this reevaluation of everything, to start afresh. Try DIYs, change your old conventional balcony into funky colourful one with the resources you already have, or try board games differently like a descending order snake n ladder or give a try to new self-made delicacies just-#SaturdayThoughtsIn past decades there was a simple life, yet, the best and The second best time is now."

OnlyOdds - SaturdayThoughts
Saturday Thoughts

Avoid gathering much of the unhelpful information which has over flooded the internet. Its good to be informed and updated but avoid negativity and spams.

“Focus on what is available and the things we can do. Choose to make the most of each day" , with a neverending spirit of fighting. Give it the best shot of yours. The player who goes into a match thinking “I will play the best I can”, however, I believe that they are less hurt by losing, as long as they are doing their best. It’s worth thinking about how we can apply this in our daily life.

“Compassion is a lifetime business." It's vicious!
“It's not that we spend five days looking forward to just two. “I told myself that I was going to live the rest of my life as if it was #Saturday, and will certainly keep doing the same"

Till then you folks LOVE me like SATURDAY NIGHT..and sing the song of hope.


  1. Positivity galore...we the common people looking forward to Saturdays now look forward to Monday with that hope to kill mental boredom through office work ..but just as you express look around and there is so much to do to unwind ourselves and enjoy what we always yearned to enjoy...kudos ! Thanks for the motivational reminder

  2. Very nice.... Really motivational blog... carry on, don’t stop

  3. Its awesome. Really motivated...all the very best for more such beautiful blogs.