Complete Guide to the Himalaya’s Rural Retreat - Kausani

Kausani – is cradled under the lush hills of Kumaon Himalayas and provides stunning 360-degree panoramic views of the snow-crested Trishul, Nanda Devi, Nandakot, and Panchchuli peaks. 

With a tickle in my travel appetite, I set myself up to step in the lap of nature. Talking of the nature, the calmness, the open skies, the chills from fresh air, made it very easy for me to narrow down to select this destination. Therefore, I planned a Trip of the Uttrakhand’s Kumaon Region of large Himalayan tract, covering Nainital, Ranikhet, Kausani and Almora.

There is an Icelandic proverb that says- "You will reach your destination even though you travel slowly." Holds true for Kausani.

Such an untapped place it is. Tucked atop a ridge, the village is engulfed by dense pine trees overlooking the Someshwar Valley, Garur, and Katyuri Valleys! Very few places in the world can boast of beauty similar to Kausani and the tiny village enjoys the stature of a cute, quaint hill station of Uttarakhand.


A pacifying place for solo travelers and a paradise for bloggers like me. Photogenic, calm, and a virgin place when it comes to monetization of hill stations. 

In terms of distance, the village is about 51 km north of Almora. Kausani is an ideal winter destination. Even more so, this is the perfect place to ring for the Peaceful New Year Eves! Winter season boasts of the most stunning crystalline views of snow-covered peaks! However, don’t let this stop you from visiting in the summer months from April to June – which provide their own kind of beauty. With days beginning earlier, you’ll be greeted by chirping birds and stunningly bright, take-your-breath-away, kind of views!

>>>>>Refer to my packing tips for getting ready and get to the roads for witnessing one of the most exciting road trip.

Things to do in Kausani

Trek For Experiencing the height

If you’re a true-blue nature lover and need seclusion – you’ve chosen, the right location! Kausani is for the ones who think with their soul and search for experiences to fill their hearts with the pace of nature. The definition of idyllic, Kausani will offer you stunning walks into dense forests or exceptional treks to reach the highest of the hills. Some of the worthiest treks nearby include heading to Pinnath (5 kms), Burapinnath (5.5 kms) and Bhatkot (12 kms).

Trail Walk 

Walking down the steep lanes of Kausani can never disappoint you. The lush green farmlands spread across the banks of river Kosi, the gushing sound of water, with this view, is nothing but soulful. This place is serene and tranquil. Apart from natural beauty (which you can get to your heart’s desire), there are a lot of other things to do as well.


Village Tour

Rustic cottages, simple kumaoni people and their homemade delicious food, what else do you think a countryside experience needs. Be it the warmth of their hospitality or Kausani's untraveled roads, this place has incomparable embryonic vibes.    

Himalayan Treck

Places to Eat 

As mentioned this place has not been monetized yet, so no such known extravagant restaurants and cafes. In house, restaurants are still going to be your best bet!

On your way back to Nainital there are a few cafes, out of which I like Mud House Cafe, the valley view from here is dripping calm.

Mud cafe

Kausani's Most Common Top 5 Things to Do

Whenever and wherever you search Kausani you will hear about The Shawl Factory. Established to promote the traditional Kumaoni artwork, this industry now serves as a major source of employment for the local people, shepherds and weavers. Shawls and handicrafts are available in myriad colors and designs and hence make the place popular with tourists.
Another tourist spot is 
Anasakti Ashram, has been built as a tribute to the Mahatma who visited this place for about two weeks in 1929.
Not to be missed site is 
Baijnath Temple. The temple complex was built by the Katyuri kings and the temples are constructed in stone. Less than 20 km from Kausani this Baijnath temple complex since 12th century is located on the banks of the river Gomti. 
Rappelling and Trekking demand major shout-outs. Even some resorts provide activities like Burma Bridge which is an unstable bridge walk with only ropes to hold on to. However, make sure that you get professional help before you indulge in such activities and are equipped with the right set of gears.

Places to Stay in Kausani

Chevron eco-lodge and Aashritha Kausani are a few off-beaten places to stay. The food is delicious, view of the valley is mesmerizing and the comfort is equally good. 

Surrounded by mountains, forests, and a river it isn’t hard to find something to do every day in Kausani. When people ask me what’s the tourist trail in India and I include the mountains. Uttarakhand is a tourist spot that not many people are talking about yet. However, given all that it has to offer – I think we should start taking the road less travelled and, well, travel!