Yoga For Beginners


The word ‘Yoga’ means ‘union’. Union means, you begin to experience the universality of who you are. For example, today, modern science proves to you beyond any doubt that, the whole existence is just one energy manifesting itself in various forms. If this scientific fact becomes a living reality for you – that you begin to experience everything as one – then you are in Yoga. 
When you are in Yoga, you experience everything as a part of yourself. That is liberation, that is mukti, that is ultimate freedom. - Sadhguru, Isha Foundation.

Yoga is a way to produce a chemistry of blissfulness. If you practice yoga you can experience an intensified sense of harmony both within yourself and the world around you. It is no secret that the benefits of yoga transcend just getting your body in a shape.
In yoga, it is not only the asanas or poses that matter. Before you get into it, you need to get a right set off environment inside out. Here are some pointers that I keep in mind to enhance the benefits of Yoga.

Prerequisites Of Yoga

Practice Yoga before you eat

Yoga is way more than an exercise. It distributes the energy flow by enhancing the human energy system. So it is very much to be done empty stomach. In order to maintain the flow, there should be no intake of solids or fluids of any sort. Ideally, morning is the best time to practice Yoga but if evenings are more sorted than try not to have food 4 hours prior.

After A Shower

No Hot Water Bath please! Always try to shower with normal or lukewarm water. One purpose of bathing is for personal hygiene, But it is also a means of achieving cleanliness by washing away dead skin cells and thus the pores between the skin cells open up and that is important to perform yoga.

Wear comfort fit Clothes

For performing yoga movements should be fluidic not restricted. Tight clothes may create hindrance in movements while practicing asanas. So try to wear comfort fit clothes. Go for organic cotton ones. Avoid wearing synthetics. Why? Because cottons are more breathable and it retains moisture, soak sweat or precipitation far more than Synthetic ones.

Start With Sound

Referring to chanting here! Chanting leads to a calm mind. It has the ability to purify and heal. Scientists say that when a mantra is chanted rhythmically, it creates a neuro-linguistic effect. Such an effect occurs even if the meaning of the mantra is not known. It synchronises the body, mind, voice, and breath, creating inner harmony. 

Now when we are all set to move forward with our Yoga Routine, here are some tips to Practice Yoga at Home


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Daily Yoga

Yoga is not a day thing or a weight loss 7 days program. It is discipline and a persistent habit. Prepare your mind to practice Yoga for a minimum 40days or a Mandala.
By doing Yoga every day for a Mandala, it will bring out your full potential- physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically and allows you to reap the benefits.

Best Time For Yoga

Mornings are ideal however evenings are equally good. These are the cooler times of the day, as practicing yoga may generate alot oh heat in the body so, temperature outside has to be cooler then it will work like a thermostat.

Your Corner

It is suggested or best to allocate a space to do Yoga. This will be your place of gentleness or name it as your Calm Place. Create a comfortable spot for your yoga practice. Try and find a spot where it's peaceful and quiet, with as much space around you as possible. An empty piece of wall can be handy too since the wall is a great prop. Should have sources to seep fresh air in. Create the best space you can and enjoy your practice. 


Yoga Accessories

Choose non- slip yoga mat and this is pretty much it in your buying list for Yoga. You can lit some candles or incense sticks easily available in markets or on online need not to be fancy all the is all your say..if you want you can opt these. For some Asanas or poses, a bolster is nice to have, but for years I have used stacks of chair pads or blankets.

No Distractions

When you practice Yoga you aim to connect within. Any kind of interruption will distract you, therefore either switch off your phone or keep it away from you to focus inward. Keep this time just for yourself!


Poses to Practice at Home

Asanas or poses are the building blocks of Yoga. Move slowly through each pose, remember to breathe as you move. Pause after any Asana if you find it challenging, especially if you are short of breath, start again once you resume breathing normally. I therefore always start with Pranayams and gradually increase the degree of difficulty with Suryanamaskar, it helps me stretch and make movements more fluidic. At any point in time, you are short of breathing go for Balasana or Child's Pose - it is a great default pause position. Focus on stretches and balancing in your initial days. Do not try any position beyond your body limits. Yoga is meant to cleanse the inner self, a bad yoga can do more harm than good. Be cautious with your body and listen to your capabilities.
I suggest practicing only basic positions first, until and unless you gain the momentum and confidence to try challenging asanas.

Stay Safe

This is one tip with no shortcuts. Always watch your boundaries and especially be mindful of your body’s vulnerable areas. Particularly vulnerable areas are knees, hips, spine and neck. If you feel any painful sensations, adjust, soften, come out of the pose if you need to. Don’t force or push.Warm-up your body properly before attempting more advanced poses, and keep checking in, if it feels okay to be in a pose. Be especially mindful during transitions between poses or when moving in or out of poses – these are moments of a potential risk of injury because we tend to pay less attention to our alignment.

Choose Your Style

Yoga is a holistic approach to Wellness. First question you should ask Why am I practicing Yoga? and then What my body and mind need? The more you do Yoga more you will learn about your body, communication will be much clearer then. Understand the needs and choose your style. Make a combination of asanas or positions. Initially, you will enter in denial phase - where you keep on telling yourself that Yoga is not meant for me, it is not showing results, but eventually you surrender more and stop resisting.

How To End

Always relax with śavāsana, Corpse Pose, or Mritasana. It is needed to give your body time to relax. This Asana will help nervous system to assimilate the benefits. Body needs to be calm so that you do not feel overworked. 

Enjoy Your Practice!

Don’t overdo it; if you don’t enjoy your yoga practice you will never keep it up. It should be something you look forward to doing.

Why Yoga?

There could be no one answer to this. There are infinite benefits one can reap from Yoga. Let me list a few of the here -

Drains your Lymphs

It encourages the movement of Lymph Fluids around the body. The fluid in the Lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. 

Slashes Stress

It regulates your adrenal glands and lowers the cortisol level. At the University of Wisconsin, Richard Davidson, Ph.D., found that the left prefrontal cortex showed heightened activity in meditators, a finding that has been correlated with greater levels of happiness and better immune function. 

Keep your Bones Healthy

The benefits of a regular yoga practice are wide-ranging. In general, a complete yoga workout can help keep your back and joints healthy, improve your overall posture, stretch and strengthen muscles and improve your balance, says Roger Cole, Ph.D., a psychobiologist and certified Iyengar yoga teacher. Yoga also has “a restorative side that is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating,” Dr. Cole says. “Relaxation is built into every yoga session.”

It’s time to roll out your yoga mat and discover the combination of physical and mental exercises. The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to reap the benefits. Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Don’t be intimidated by yoga terminology, fancy yoga studios and complicated poses. Yoga is for everyone.

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  1. Is this

    >> The word ‘Yoga’ means ‘union’. Union means, you begin to experience the universality of who you are

    really true.?

    Anyhow a good one

    1. The word Yoga takes its root from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means to join, to yoke together, to unify – to unite into one integral whole. ... In other words, it is the union of individual energy and universal energy. In short Yoga means Union.

  2. I can confirm that yoga is very helpful!! Great post!! 😊

  3. Love this! I started doing yoga every morning before work when lockdown began and I love it! It's such a great way to start the day and get my body moving.

    1. its a regular practice it are an inspiration for all the beginners :)

  4. Thank you for sharing this post. For a someone who's always thought about trying yoga, it can be a little intimidating to start of you know very little about it. But I love the way you laid out the information. Thank you!!

    1. So...It’s time to roll out your yoga mat and discover the combination of asanas that suits you the best..Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self..njoy it to the fullest :)

  5. I love yoga, it really helps in all ways. Thanks for the tips..

    1. In these difficult times..when wellness has a taken a backseat..there is no fix routine, Yoga is the best way to create one.

  6. Great tips. Thanks for sharing. I've attempted yoga several times but it's still not something I can really get into.

    1. Thank you💐..I suggest for first few days keep it crisp n simple ..try practicing for 15mins...or surely will feel like stretching your limits..try and do let me know by posting here 😁

  7. One of your very useful and informative blog. Amazing ... Truly a great Methodology to remember n practice at home.

    1. Glad you like it😊 lets roll your back on your yoga mat..and get started😃

  8. Brilliantly informative post. I have never tried yoga but I think I might give it a go after reading this.

    Thank you for sharing


    1. I am Glad Claire that my post do this good. Pls do try and let me know, how did you find it :)

  9. Hi! This is a nice post. I am actually enthralled with yoga but I haven't set my foot on it yet. Maybe I will soon enough. Thanks for this!

    1. Hi surely will..start with basics..after all yoga is for all :)
      Introduce Yoga in your lifestyle, in a fun and relaxed will love it!!

  10. Just a great for someone like me who do not know much about the benefits of yoga. I've tried yoga from time to time but it's never something I have been consistent with for consecutive days. Will give it a try and see where it takes me physically and mentally. Thanks got Sharing.

    1. Hi Rebekah...good to hear that. Make sure you enjoy it thoroughly :)
      Pls let me know If I am of any help.. just a click away you can DM me on Insta :)

  11. Beautiful post written thank you for sharing this I clearly didn't know about doing yoga before eating at times I would do it after breakfast and would sometimes do it in the evening whether I've eaten or not I think I'll try to adapt on your tips.

    1. Hi Aphil! Am glad you like it!
      It improves the health of your organs if done rightly :)