As a human being, I have to fight gender stereotypes in my day-to-day life and am forced to cling to the patriarchy. Yes, I do!

Gender equality

When we talk about gender equality or think of being liberated, we come across numerous thoughts. Let me put it with an example to phrase it in more particular. For a working mother, there is always a fact check running back of her mind that whether this is needed, is it good to leave the baby at home? A full time, staying-at-home mother is wrapped under this blanket of guilt of leaving her carrier and choosing family over her growth. Women have to choose, why? Men are capable enough to nurture a child why are they not given chance? Why weren't they are asked to sit at home instead? Why genders and their roles are preset by society? Why we just copy paste?

There are a few exceptions that I don't disagree with.  I mean there are women who are fiercely independent and there are men who do not believe in gender stereotypes. Sadly genders do not have an equal playing field in life overall. I don't think that gender equality is sweeping in anywhere, it is being dragged to girth and portrayed negatively.

Recently I run through this article which talks about Hyperfeminity and Hypermasculinity. This is the exaggeration of stereotyped behavior. Hyperfeminine folks are supposed to be passive, naive, sexually inexperienced, soft, flirtatious, graceful, nurturing, and accepting. Hypermasculine folks are supposed to compete with other men and dominate feminine folks by being aggressive, worldly, sexually experienced, physically imposing, ambitious, and demanding. These behaviors are actually infused  from childhood. Boys don't cry, girls don't talk loudly, be brave like a hero, you are looking like a princess and what not. In every story be it Rapunzel or Sita Mata there is a hero who saved them. Poor heroes, they can not stow away even if they are fearing to death, no room for failure!

Gender Equality

Just like the other stereotypes Virginity has gained the importance it doesn't deserve.  Virginity has nothing to do with dignity for sure. If a human female lose her virginity to someone in past and is not married to him, equates the girl of being bold and characterless and the other one who was equally involved in the lovemaking is now nowhere in the picture!!

These distinctions are not even taught they just exist. Men are unknowingly preached to claim ownership over a woman by means of intercourse. When it comes to parenting, once a girl attains puberty, virginity feels like a treasure to behold.

Something every parent wants to acknowledge and protect but doesn’t want to address and strangely, it only extends to the girl child. So, when a girl loses her virginity before marriage, this adds insult to injury, now she is profane. 

That’s what’s consistently argued- biology, biology, biology. At what point do we give the whole nature vs nurture argument the finger and start addressing the inequalities present in society? Equality has to be a human fight not a female fight! We’ve evolved beyond primal needs; medieval laws no longer apply to 21st century postmodernism.

We are being hard on ourselves, which is not needed.. Gender is not something that we have opted, it is gifted to us, then how come roles are assigned to it and how could behaviors are expected out of it. How could discrimination justify the existence? Is gender a social conduct? The answer lies in execution!


  1. Interesting and thought-provoking post!

  2. This is a really interesting post. I completely agree that men can nurture children just as much a women can.

  3. This is such an interesting post to read! Gender norms are definitely applied as stereotypes that men have to be powerful and in charge and women need to be passive but really it's all a social contrast, just like virginity. We can do what we wanna do and I love breaking gender 'norms' xx

    1. it is never-ending though! All I thought while writing this- society can never change if individual mindset remains the same!..Thanks you Della for your time!

  4. Interesting post! Im not really an expert about this but for me maybe becoming the best of both world, like you can do a woman's job and at the same time a man's job can be great. We shouldn't discriminate people if they don't follow the "social norms". Everything in a person is multifactorial and it doesn't just revolve in his/her gender.

    beyond beneath

  5. Gender is definitely a social construct that we need to destroy!

    All genders, pronouns and states of being matter!


  6. He, She, Me. A gender. He Dad or She Dad to bee.


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