Here's How Women Can Resume Work After a Break


Synopsis: Personal reasons or inbuilt pressure of giving their best to every role often compel Indian women to take a career break. Here is why and how they can resume and recoup their career.

Gunjan Bharadwaj | 16th September 2021

When I decided to take a break from work to have a baby, I vowed to be back soon. Unaware, of the fact that motherhood is not a 2-3  years task, instead, it is quite overwhelming, demands 24*7*365 days of engagement. Although I had every intention to get back to work,  it got postponed, then delayed,  with every other milestone of the little one. 
Being unemployed, then justifying such gaps to yourself, and getting back to work, is a very tricky part emotionally. It needs rigorous brainstorming, believe me on this! Being a woman and a mother is not the same thing.  
So let's peep into this thinking cloud, once again with me, to find the answers of basic but foremost WHYs, IFs, BUTs, that come to our mind while making any such decisions.

Why Do We Want to Work?

Isn't this tune running through your head all day, the moment you think of recouping after good long years? Why I want to work, if at all I want to resume, is it worth, leave it there is nothing more important to me than my child, money is not everything, I shall invest my time in my kid and shape a better character for his/her future. These thoughts have kept me occupied for years. Always after every interview call, I felt the same. This agitation of being independent and raising a child in a monitored environment has left me with depression of wanting something else and ending up in doing something other than ordinary.
The reason why a woman should be independent is for her stability and satisfaction. There is no space for sulking or inferiority complex, instead, profound adequacy can be attained in monitory terms as well. Economic necessity is no longer the incentive unless it is really dire.

How to Resume Work After a Gap?

Boost up your Skills

Now when you have decided to resume then next comes the step of preparation. Here, "next" is about being prepared for the "next level". Evaluate your skillset and cope with the latest market trend. One must keep himself updated with what is going on where. Remember, research is your responsibility. So spend some time analyzing how market trends have changed, what are the most in-demand skills in your targeted field or industry and how technologies have evolved in the last few years. This research will improve your credibility as a job candidate and help you stand out from the crowd. Only then resuming could be made easier and smooth. Prepare yourself to justify that the taken break was not a break literally. 

Good Resume

If you have a good resume, shortlisting is a sure thing. Your selection is 80% resume and rest 20% is your performance in interviewing rounds. Be selective while quoting your skills, review and customize it as per the job role. It is important to understand what the employer wants and how fit are you for the role. This will reduce the chances of being underprepared.

Balance Is Important, Change is constant!

Keep it in mind that you require to make some changes in your daily schedule and reassess the priority on your to-do list, there is no need of killing oneself in trying to manage work and home. 

How to Find a Job?

Now comes in how to find a job? Do some research online and find out what employers are looking for in the candidate. You can use job posting websites such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed and read the job description of your targeted role. You can also check the job websites of your dream companies.

Justify Your Gap!

Be prepared to justify your gap, as an employer they will seek honesty. You could tailor your answers to demonstrate how your break will benefit the role you are now applying for. Think critically about some of the concerns an interviewer may have. They may wonder whether you’re ready to get back on the career ladder, assure them with your satisfactory confident answers.

Hope for the best sounds cliché, but manifestations do work. You may have cold feet after thinking about burdensome responsibility of managing home, children and work, Yes it could be difficult in the initial phase but then you will get used to it sooner. 
Self-reliance is one of the most important attributes of personal freedom. This blog may inspire you, speak to you, or urge you to strive harder and to be free from any external control or constraint.
Believe in yourself, you have all the answers inside you.
The more you trust yourself, the easier your life will flow.


  1. Very informative post and there is a lot to be said about working after having children and the sense of identity is of paramount importance. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Rightly said! I am a firm believer that every woman should be an independent soul.

  2. Great post! I was going to go back to work but I'm not returning. I am going to blog full time instead. I'm hoping that it will be something I can continue to do for a long time!

    Corinne x

    1. I highly appreciate this Corinne. A huge step instead. It is commendable that you decide to work for yourself instead.

  3. These are such great points and important to remember when going back after any break. When going back to college I had to learn that I couldn't do it all and that's ok.

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