21 Best Summer Wedding Menu Ideas

Is it a Summer Wedding?

Thinking of How To Plan A Food and Drink Menu For Your Summer Wedding? 

Dreaming of an elaborated and elegant wedding, one can’t afford to miss on the food! The scrumptious meals are now reaching to different levels altogether… From the refreshing drinks to the spirited ones, tasty starters, and yummy mains, and of course the indulgent sweets - knowing what you pick for your guests is really what makes for a savory memory.

Why food is this important? Because, Food has always given an identity to every culture. 

Summer Wedding Ideas

It has history, it has a story, it has relationships and it is culture. Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate - may be this is the reason of feasting.
Yes… Weddings are a feast for the eyes as well as the appetite. Choosing the right food and drink options according to season is essential to pulling together your vision of a perfect wedding. 
Summer wedding menu will likely to be called a fresh, flavorful, fruity menu… So, a summer Indian wedding menu has got to pick up on the flavors and the foods that make eating in summer just as much fun as gorging on food in chilly winters. However, planning your menu, especially for a summer wedding, is not an easy task.

Want to wow your guests and make sure the food fully fits the season? These trendy summer wedding – healthy menu ideas of appetizers, main courses, side dishes, desserts, and cocktails will surely satisfy your thirst of search.

Summer Wedding Food Ideas - Appetizers and First-Course

1. Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Drizzle (vegetarian). Nothing refreshes and matches with summer months like the combination of mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, and summer basil. A caprese salad is a summer screaming bite, and these skewers will be sure to delight your guests.

2. Mini Burger Bar. Minimizing the old fussy burgers into small cute bites make them more lucrative and is an attractive way to pack lots of veg, non-veg and vegan flavors into your happy hour. One can think of creative toppings, flavored cheese and other spreads, and even accompanying milkshakes or fries for an added touch of fun.

Summer wedding Appetizer

3. Yoghurt Fruit Masons. Fresh berries of various vibrant colors with yoghurt are the perfect touch for warm weather. Opting for these cuties with a mixture of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, edible flowers to capture the flavors of the season. Also you can put a Big Mason Jar on the side and you can ask your guests to write a sweet message for the newly wed, this will go with the theme flow! 😊

Fruit Yoghurt recipe

4. Barbecued Chicken with Roasted Corn Pudding. This one of its own kind recipe is a simple one to pull off for a crowd and can be paired with lots of summer favorites. The roasted corn pudding accompanying the chicken in the recipe can be a healthy replica of cheese sause, for perfect modern healthy wedding vibe.

5. Pesto Pasta Salad (vegetarian). This pesto pasta salad can be served chilled and adds a refreshing chill in your list of sides for any summer wedding. You can easily substitute vegan cheese or omit the feta in this dish for a vegan option as well.

6. Grilled Veg and Non Veg Skewers. These variety of skewers may look simple, but they’re a light and flavorful way for guests to snack during your cocktail hour. The skewers make these snacks easy to eat, and you can tingle the right taste nodes of your guests.

 Summer Wedding Food Ideas - Main Course And Sides

1. Steak on the Lighter Side. If you opt for a heavier protein like chicken, pair it with light side ingredients, such as fresh tomato salsa. Flavorful components, like herbs, make for a satisfying healthy meal that's bright and light for summers.

2. Serve Indianness. The Indian cuisines are exemplary when it comes to seasonal food preparations. Servings like dals, variety of biryanis or rice preparations, paneer licious dishes, sambhar, coconut gravies, chicken curries, can never go wrong. To relish these mouthwatering dishes there could be more than 50 types of Indian breads that can be served.

Coconut Mousse

3. Pasta Prime Time. Children simply love pastas, with a DIY Counter, they can add their favorite veggies, dressings and cheese. This will be a fun and tummy filling activity for kids and mothers can take a sigh of relief.

4. Refro Gap - Shap. As the name shouts out, it is the “CHAAT - with - CHAT” with refreshing hint and mint. Summers ask for such cooler delights, like gol gappe shots, dahi chaat bowls, coconut shell shakes, natural flavor aam, tender coconut, paan, imlie kulfis. Aaah... tempting already. To make the vibes more color filled and balanced, you can opt for khandvi rolls, khaman dhokla sandwiches, kothumbir vadi chaat, kuzhi paniyaram cheese pops, these can be the best flavors to be played with and will make your guests sleigh.

Dhokla Sandwich

5. CORNer. A counter dedicated to One n Only Corn- catering all the generations with its variety, starting with the commoners -popcorns, masala corns, cheese corn fingers and reaching to the finger liking ones let me name some - corn dosas n chillas, corn kababs and corn pockets these will increase the taste standards multifolds, plus a healthy one to opt for.

Summer Wedding Drink Ideas - Fusion Drinks

1. Rosed Popsicles. These pink wine popsies are such a fun idea for serving up your favorite pink summer sipper in a unique way. Consider rose wine popsicle, for later in the evening as an after-dinner treat.

Wine Popsicles

2. Blackberry Lime Margaritas. It’s a twisting tale of margarita. Blackberry lime version is sassy. This works really well for late summer menus, as blackberries start to be in season.

Blackberry Margarita Recipe

3. Panna Mango Margaritas. This Indi creative version of margarita will be an interesting, and special enough to be served as a signature drink.

4. Honey-Sweetened Limeade (non-alcoholic). Best combo of summer berry flavors with fresh herbal notes of basil. It’s a great choice to offer for guests who aren’t drinking and gives them a fun choice to feel like a part of the celebration.

5. Sweet Tea. There could not be any best way to customize the classic tea to please your guests, take advantage of seasonal flavors, and highlight your wedding’s theme or location. You can even offer a few different versions and see what your guests like best.

 Summer Wedding Food Ideas – Desserts

1. Mexican Wedding Cookies (vegan, dairy-free). This vegan tale will make people remember your ultra fusion wedding story as epic of its time. And they will never believe it’s vegan!

2. Mini Ice Cream Cones. Ice-Cream? Not sure! you can't say no to these lil ones. It is summertime after all! Serve mini ice cream cones in various flavors before or after dinner as a fun treat—the timing is all up to you.

3. Berry Shorts-Cake Bar. Summer is the season of berries. Why not to play with these heartwarming sweets. With this bar you give your guest a range of flavors of their choice to explore the taste and melt!

Mini Fruit Cake Recipe

4. Coconut Mousse-ings. Coconut Mousse is a light and airy dessert, not too sweet, and full of creamy, coconut flavor. Light and rich at the same time, it will be sure to please everyone.

5. Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake. Gulab Jamun converted into cheesecake can safely be called one of the biggest and most successful experiment in the world of fusion foods. Your guests will love digging into the sugary goodness, and sure to love this fusion invention around the treat too!

Diversely balanced wedding food servings with both traditional and western dishes will create a contrasting menu palette. From a delectable food spread to some ferulaceous mocktails and cocktails - nail them all and you will host an unforgettable wedding and guests will leave with assured smiles!


  1. All of these ideas are really great and don't seem to be too complicated to organize or pull together; makes me wish I could throw myself a vow renewal just to have some of this food, haha!

  2. Oh wow... I love these ideas. Especially the mini burger. Thank you for sharing these cool ideas.